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Model n° LPOMP111

Laguiole with lock-back system ebony wood

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Ebony wood handle
12C27 stainless steel blade
The blade automatically locks open. To unlock it, you must press the rocker on the back of the knife, freeing the blade for shutting. Simple and efficient.

Thickness : 2.50 mm, hardness : 54 Hrc

handle size : 10.5 cm

blade size : 8 cm

Delivered in a black magnetic gift box with guarantee and certificate of origin
French artisanal making

Modern and revolutionary, this Laguiole knife in ebony wood is a favorite to adopt without hesitation. Its two-tone color gives it a certain elegance and a sublime look. Forget the knives without style that we use them simply to cut food. This time, you will have to deal with an ultra-stylish knife that you would like to admire and contemplate at all times.

With its subtle details, it is certain that you will not be able to resist it. Its 12C27 stainless steel blade will challenge you. You will see the brand name and number there.

You will then focus on its black ebony handle. This material is a guarantee of rare elegance and extraordinary robustness. Keep watching, you won't miss the button on the back of the handle. It will be useful for opening and closing the blade. Don't worry, this is an innovative system that differentiates this original knife from ordinary knives.