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Model n° LAR12111X08

Laguiole knife Ebony / Olive wood handle

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Closed length : 12 cm
Ebony and Olive wood handle
12C27 stainless stell blade
Length : 10.3 cm
Width : 1.6 cm
2 solid bras bolsters

Forged bee

Delivered in brown cardboard box
Made in France, delivered with lifetime  warranty

The light wood of the olive tree together with the dark wood of the ebony tree give a really harmonious touch
The slightly pot-bellied handle has a pleasant feel when in use.

Olive wood...

The  olive wood used for our knife handles comes from North Africa. We chose the best quality wood before cutting the desired pieces and we work by hand all along.

You are assured of the unique, hand-crafted quality of your knife handle. From one handle to another, vein patterns can differ as well as the quantity of knots, all depending on the inspiration of the tree the piece of wood comes from.


Ebony has been used from time immemorial, some of the earliest relics having been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

At the end of the 16th Century it was used to make precious items, usually small in size, such as fine caskets to present luxury products. Its high density and hardness mean it was also a favourite in religious buildings or wealthy residences for panelling and bas-reliefs.