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Model n° LARARL121WX45

Laguiole with a Harlequin handle

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Closed length : 12 cm
Ebony and mixed preciuos woods (lemon-tree, nut-tree and rosewood)
12C27 stainless stell blade, brushed finish
Forged spring
Length : 10.3 cm
Width : 1.6 cm
2 forged stainless steel bolsters, brushed finish
Delivered in brown cardboard box
Made in France, delivered with lifetime  warranty

Woods of the lemon-tree, nut-tree and rosewood, make a checkerboard feature on an ebony background.
The slighty pot-bellied handle has a pleasant feel when in use.

Unlike the famous Harlequin clown, the riot of colour in this model is created from patches of fabric, but different species of precious wood (lemon tree wood, rosewood, walnut on an ebony background).
The warm and richly coloured Harlequin knife belongs to a highly distinctive collection for the unique Laguiole connoisseur.

The legend of Harlequin....

Harlequin (Arlecchino in Italian) is a character from the "commedia dell'arte", which appeared in 16th century Italy.

He is always depicted as wearing a costume made of multi-coloured diamonds. The different coloured diamonds are thought to be symbolic of his poverty (patchwork clothing) and his multi-faceted personality.