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Laguiole Lotus knife

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Closed length : 11 cm
Mimosa wood handle.
1 Brushed stainless bolster
Forged spring, hand engraved
Bee decorated with a flower of lotus.
12C27 Stainless steel blade
French artisanal making
Delivered with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

The "fly" is a technical term used by knife manufacturers designating the part of the spring that becomes compressed during the forging of the spring itself.
Old Laguiole knives bear no motifs on the fly, and then knifemakers let their imagination guide them.
The famous Laguiole symbol only became a bee-shaped decoration in the 50s.
By using the Lotus emblem decoration, Gilles Reynewater is going back to the ideas of earlier creations.
Limited series.

A favorite, a magic and a return to the roots! Raise the bar and change your perception of things with this Laguiole Lotus knife. The name stimulates your curiosity and then it's awe. The knife is an extraordinary creation with a stainless steel blade and other state-of-the-art details.
Its handle is certainly the most surprising component: it is made of amourette wood, a precious wood whose surface is a real natural decoration. Its tiger-like tone, mixing red and brown, makes it an original material. Its durability completes the stylish look and reinforces the knife's robustness.
This tool is a wink to the sources with its fly decorated with a lotus flower. It brings back the originality of the first creations. When you hold it in your hand, this flower is probably the first thing that will catch your eye: it is integrated into the flat part of the spring that connects it to the blade, or fly for the old cutlers.