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Oyster Laguiole knife with turning ferrule and black sheath

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Olive wood handle
2 stainless steel bolsters
Blade made with Swedish steel
Safety twistlock mechanism

Closed length:  115 mm

Delivered in black nylon sheath with certificate of origin and warranty.

The olive tree is the epitome of the Mediterranean tree, and conveys an image of eternal rebirth. It is soft to the touch, and it is characterized by its very soft feel, dense fiber, and superb shiny polished colour, yellow with brown veins.

Cabinet makers and sculptors have always used it to make furniture and items both elegant and robust. This wood variety is also often used to make bowls and serving plates because smells do not stick to it.

Did you know ? Cats are extremely fond of olive wood. This addiction is due to nepetalactone, an active component with anti-depressant properties. Another explanation has been suggested : apparently the smell of olives reminds cats of certain pheromones produced by their peers, particularly during mating.

Maintenance of olive wood : Dishwashers are proscribed. All you have to do is use a wet cloth to wipe the blade and handle clean. Then quickly pat your knife dry.