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Model n° PROMOISE21

Laguiole bird knife aluminium red and white tiles + black leather sheath + sharpener

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Body made of polished stainless steel with red and white acrylic inlay
Forged Spring and bee
Blade made of 12C27 stainless steel

The ergonomic handle is shaped in the form of a bird’s wing.
It houses the sharpened blade of the Laguiole knife.

Closed length: 12 cm, opened length: 22 cm
Weight: 90 g
Made in France


2) Black Leather sheath
Stitched by a craftsman in Auvergne
Laguiole bee imprint on the flap
Oblique belt loop


3) Sharpener
Brass with ring
This article is also manufactured in France

Laguiole Bird knives can be distinguished by the unique cut of their handle which brings to mind the body of a bird. Some see an elegant, feminine style in them, others particularly appreciate its delicate curves, but all agree that it is a truly unique and elegant knife.

Fine and racy lines, easy to hold even for small hands – this bird has more than one feature to delight enthusiasts of original Laguiole knives.

With this bi-material model, you will have a rare bird that others will definitely envy.

The section in resin, the checkerboard pattern of which recalls the pennants of champions, goes perfectly with the delicately carved aluminium. This knife has a resolutely modern look which will please all those who appreciate unusual, original knives that are easy to care for.

Supplied with an elegant full grain leather sheath, this lightweight knife will follow you on all your adventures, well-protected against the elements. Its steel allows you to ensure that the blade is always sharp and ready to use.

This Laguiole Bird really has everything to please. It is perfect as a gift for a girlfriend, a loved one, and is ideal for both small delicate hands as well as larger hands.

How to care for an aluminium handle?
For daily care, simply clean the blade with a damp cloth. If your aluminium handle is dirty, clean it without delay with a damp cloth + a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

If you have to remove stains, gently rub the aluminium with a damp cloth. For a faster effect, add a few drops of lemon juice.

The resin may dull if exposed continuously to the sun, therefore do not leave your knife behind a window! Store it in its sheath to preserve its radiance and colour.