Stainless steel steak knives |

Model n° LGOPS13C27-6

Set of 6 Prestige Laguiole steak knives stainless steel fully forged sandblasted finish

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2 years warranty

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6-piece Laguiole knife set
Knife total length : 23 cm
Sandblasted finish
One piece stainless steel blade and handle
2.5 mm thickness of ‘guillochage’ blade
Dishwasher proof
French artisanal making
Delivered  in a varnished oak box with guarantee  and certificate of origin

Fully forged one-piece knife, the finely engraved blade – guillochage – bears the characteristic of delicate forgery work.
The refined finish on the handle has been cleverly designed, so that the central part, sandblasted to give a matt finish, harmonises well with the polished finish of the ends.
The Prestige stainless steel range is the best made cutlery,  can be passed down from generation to generation and require no upkeep.

These Laguiole steak knives have a unique feature : they were forged in one block, which makes them extra tough and gives them their perfect look!

Guilloching on the blades brings a unique and luxurious touch : your guests are sure to envy you this set.


So many assets for these steak knives:

- Extremely elegant sanded handles do not show fingerprints while eating

- No specific care required – they are dishwasher-safe

- Made in one block, they are super tough.


Our 'Prestige' range definitely lives up to its name : we guarantee that you will enjoy our resistant luxury items for a long time.


This set is perfect as a wedding gift, for a housewarming party or as a special treat to yourself !