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Model n° LROECO121GRIS

Laguiole knife with grey paperstone handle

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Size: Length of the closed knife, when the blade is sheathed in its handle: 12 cm
Made from two 0.5cm thick pieces, carved by hand to obtain its characteristic curves.

12C27 steel blade (surgical stainless steel), 3mm thick at the heel, with a hardness of 56-57 HRC.
It is ground (giving the blade its bevel), polished and honed.

Closed size: 12 cm
Opened size: 22 cm

2 stainless steel plates  are guillochéd and rivetted between the spring and handle to  ensure supple closing of the knife and enduring solidity.

Made 100% in Thiers in France
Delivered in a black magnetic box with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty.

PaperStone offers every advantage for nature lovers.

PaperStone is a material made from 100% recycled paper and petroleum-free resin. What could be gentler for the environment?

Adventure-seekers will also appreciate it for its uncompromising strength and ease of maintenance. PaperStone will withstand mud, scratches and even the dishwasher, the sworn enemy of knife handles.

The secret of PaperStone is its non-porous surface, which offers superior waterproof, UV and stain-proof properties and excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 180°C!).

It is a genuinely reliable material for those who insist on carrying their favourite knife with them wherever they go. PaperStone will make a true Robinson Crusoe of you!