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Model n° LNE10590OLIV

Set of 24 pieces Laguiole wood handle

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2 years warranty

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Full olive wood handle
All items are manufactured in France

- 6 knives :
Stainless forged steel blade 2.5 mm thickness
Total length: 23 mm

- 6 forks :
Stainless steel head
1.5 mm thickness
Total length: 220 mm

- 6 tea spoons :
Stainless steel head
1.5 mm thickness
Total length: 155 mm

- 6 soup spoons :
Stainless steel head
1.5 mm thickness
Total length: 220 mm

Dishwasher might damage handles

Delivered in a cardboard box with certificate of origin and guarantee

Olive wood…

It bends, but never breaks, and is symbolic of many things: peace, fertility, purification, victory... It is the Mediterranean species par excellence, being reborn time and again. Its superb shine and warm yellowish colour streaked with brown veins also contribute much to its legendary success.

We select only the finest quality wood species before we cut out the plates and everything is traditionally crafted. For this reason, each handle is different. There may also be differences in the veining and a varying number of knots depending on the knife.

Caring for your olive wood knife: You should never leave your olive wood-handled utensils to soak in water, as they will turn black. Simply wipe with a paper towel after use and use a soft cloth to polish them to a shine. Treating them in this way will keep them looking close to their original state for many years to come.

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