Wall-hanging 5 knives display
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Wall-hanging 5 knives display
  • Wall-hanging 5 knives display
  • Wall-hanging 5 knives display
  • Wall-hanging 5 knives display
  • Wall-hanging 5 knives display

Wall-hanging 5 knives display

Presentation boxes | VITRIN5T

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This knife comes with a certificate of origin attesting to its provenance.

About this item

  • In elm burl and beech with glass window
  • Size: 27 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm
  • Hooks and magnets hold the knives
  • Inside is covered with beige velvet
  • With brass-plated hinges and clasp
  • 100% made in France
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What a shame to possess such beautiful collectible knives and to keep them hidden from sight. With this 5-knives display case, you can keep an eye on your favourite pieces.

Made of elm and beech burl, this elegant display box allows you to safely show off your finest blades. Hang it high enough on the wall, well above the reach of young fingers, and enjoy the sight of your cutlery treasures at will.

Treat others or yourself and store your Laguiole or collectible blades away. You don't need to hide your passion for cutlery making anymore, now you can proudly display your most precious pieces in your office or living room, for everyone to contemplate

Whether you are a collector, a cutlery maker or a connoisseur of fine blades, this superb display case is a must-have – to show off your creations or put away your most beautiful knives without risking any injuris to curious little hands! 

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