What to give on Mother’s Day ?

Published : 2017-05-18 17:47:46
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Some of us have mother-hens who keep looking after them as if they were still kids : food made with love, biscuits and hugs at anytime !

Others are adventurers, travellers or athletes ;  always on the move, such mothers are busy travelling and exploring. Do not count on them to knit or stitch.

Finally, some mothers are their children’s best friends, always there for them in the good times or the bad. They are more like big sisters, past their teenage years but eternally young.

They’re all so different, how can you be sure to find a gift they will love ?

Gift ideas for « doting mothers »

Doting mothers are those who cook your favourite roast on Sundays, who love crowded family tables and also who enjoy trying out new recipes.

For them, we have the perfect gifts :
•    Serving cutlery for festive tables 
•    refined cutlery sets
•    Wooden steak knives, original and elegant

Gifts ideas for « backpacking moms »

Backpacking moms  are energetic , like new things as well as tough and convenient utensils.

Here’s a selection for them :
•    Stainless steel folding knives, to slip in their hiking packs
•    Elegant and tough corkscrews to open fine foreign wines
•    Leather sheaths to hide their favourite knives and accessories and them sharp

For « best-friend moms », choose a gift from the heart

Friendly moms have this little something different in them that make them our confidents. We want to please them and touch her heart like they do so well with us.

Such moms like small attentions and personalized gifts and for them we reccommend :
•    jewelled knives with precious stones  ,
•    Modern and trendy glow in the dark knives
•    So design  knives to suit their modern personalities  http://www.couteau-laguiole.com/fr/133-laguiole-design

And to really create a perfect Mother’s Day gift, remember our personalization services !

So you have chosen the perfect gift for your beloved mother. Why not add an additional personal touch? At Actiforge, we let you customize your knives and cutlery sets http://www.couteau-laguiole.com/fr/content/69-personnalisation-couteaux .
An important date, initials or your zodiac sign, anything is possible, you just need to create your fantasy.
I have a feeling that mothers this year are going to be

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