Kitchen knife care

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1) Sharpening

The blade of your knife has been sharpened. You just need a regular upkeep of the edge, i.e. whetting, with a steel rod.

1) Block the tip of the steel rod vertically on a cutting board.

2) Place the blade of your knife so as to form an angle of about 20° with the rod.

3) Slide the blade of your knife along its whole length against the rod, from bottom to top, exerting pressure; repeat this operation on both sides of the blade.

4) If the result is not satisfactory, repeat the operation.

diagram of a sharpening angle

2) Cleaning

Stainless steel knives :

Systematic use of a dishwasher will inevitably spoil your knife - your stainless steel knife is designed to "withstand" your dishwasher, no more.
A quick wash in hot water, followed by careful drying, will help you to protect your knife properly.

Carbon steel knives :

NEVER put your carbon steel knife in the dishwasher.
Your knife must be washed and wiped immediately after use.
It is not recommended to leave it to soak
Store in a dry place.

3) Storage

Avoid the tip or cutting edge of your knife coming into contact with your other kitchen utensils.