The Laguiole name

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How can I tell the difference between an authentic and a counterfeit Laguiole knife?

Here’s a question which has been hotly debated over the years. How can you distinguish a true Laguiole from a fake one ?
How can you recognize a knife born of the Laguiole cutlery-makers tradition ? Which elements should you check before buying a knife ? How can you check the authenticity of a knife ? Where can you find the information you need to ascertain the origins of a Laguiole knife ? Can you buy a Laguiole knife on a foreign website ?
So many questions which will at last be answered on the Actiforge blog dedicated to cutlery making, hosted by knives lovers, from the Thiers cutlery-making tradition.
Please send us your questions directly via email to know whether you have acquired a true or fake Laguiole.

 ‘Laguiole’ is not a brand name or a label, but the name of a small village in the Auvergne region in France.
Most "Laguiole" knives are made in France but because the design and name are not trademark protected,
they can be manufactured anywhere.
Because Laguiole is not a registered trademark, the name appears frequently on a number of different products, often inferior and sometimes not related at all to knife-making!