The Club collects information from all amateurs of knife-makingIf you want to speak about something important for you, don't hesitate contact us.
the Laguiole club

Are you passionate about cutlery-making ? Would you like to change your life and become master cutlery-maker ? Fancy visiting the workshop of a blacksmith and learn their techniques ?

Whether you are a begineer, true connoisseur or simply curious, the Laguiole Club has collected for you the addresses of French cutlery-makers. This way, you can discover their fascinating profession, widen your cultural horizons or enquire about visiting a smithy.

Cutlery-makers are enthusiastic professionals who enjoy sharing their know-how, anecdotes and stories of iron and bolsters in order to delight little and big fans of Laguiole knives.

These cutlery-makers are recognized craftsmen in their field, worthy representatives of the French cutlery-making tradition and are available to answer your questions about their jobs, forging techniques or just to share their passion with you.


Jean-Jacques ASTIER
Proposes all-level courses on a place specially well-adapted.
The forgery workshop and manual and traditionnal mechanical percussion material as well.
- Initiation to the 4 elements
- Knife specialization
- Damascus forging
- Thermic treatments.
The probationners take away what they have made.

Hameau des Pierres
Tel: 04 75 08 10 66

ELEMENTA association
Proposes a probation to the iron artisanal metallurgy.
This probation is for all those who want to bring a plus to their first probation to widen then sphere of interest and action.
The aim of this probation is to practise the experiments necessary to turn iron into metal for an artisanal metallurgy.
Thanks to this probation you can get knowledge to work from mineralogy to the production of iron.

Gare d'Etainhus
76430 Etainhus
tel: 02 35 30 82 76