The art of shaving with the straight razor

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 Traditional shaving has become trendy. Barber shops are cropping up everywhere in town and so you too, would like to give straight razor shaving a go ? Using a straight razor requires some getting used to at first but we bet that once you’ve tried it, you will never look back.

Straight-razor shaving is not only trendy, it is also cheaper (you do not need to regularly buy new blades) and better for your skin (its wide blade action acts as a form of mild peeling which will give you the softest skin).

Find your preferred straight-edge razor, prepare your shaving brush and shaving soap and follow our shaving tips. With this easy Laguiole Club method, you will be able to try your straight razor out and treat yourself to a close shave in the purest tradition of timelessly charming men.

How to shave with a straight razor?
Videos are worth a thousand words… Here’s how to perfectly shave with a Thiers Issard razor

The Razor is called "straight razor", sword, also razor knife as the straight razor is composed of a large blade which folds into the handle. Today it is still used by hairdressers, barbers and by passionate amateurs.

These lovers find pleasure in the quality of the shave obtained or to revive a beautiful object and for environmental reasons.  



the technique:

Before shaving, it is advisable to wash your face with warm water.  

Use the wet shaving brush

Make circular tour on the soap in a shaving bowl for stability until you get enough smooth cream. 

Apply the shaving cream

in circular motion to have a thick layer on the beard

Placing your hand on your razor

1/the thump on the back of blade

2/the index, middle and ring finger above the blade

3/and the little finger at the hook


1st pass of the razor: 

it's advised to put the blade on the cheek and  lift it gently to 30 ° . stretch your skin with another hand to have the skin smooth and reduce the risk of cuts. You must go in the direction of hair for the first pass.

2nd pass

Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and cover your face with shaving foam again. The shaver is placed in the perpendicular direction of hair growth. Once finished, rewash your face thoroughly.

3rd pass of the razor: In the opposite direction of hair from the bottom up.

For the perfectionists, it is possible to make a third pass. It's to shave in the opposite direction of the hairs which requires great concentration. You must fold the back of the blade against your cheek and shave smoothly. At the upper lip, pass the blade across.

Once finished, rinse your face with cold water. 

Apply alum all over your face that allows to calm razor burn. And don't forget to rehydrate your skin with nourishing care.