Laguiole Birds Collection

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Meet a unique creature - The Laguiole Bird knife

In the spring, birds and sparrows reappear. So do Laguiole birds ! Atypical knives in our collection, Laguiole birds delight connoisseurs who enjoy beautiful items and singular knives.

Laguiole bird knives are a French species. They hatch in Thiers following a quality nesting period in our workshops then migrate all around the world and particularly enjoy making their homes in your pockets or your kitchens.

The distinguishing feature of these knives is the particular shape of their handles which evokes the silhouette of a bird. Some appreciate the Laguiole bird’s feminine and elegant appearance, others like its fine curves, and everyone agrees that Laguiole birds are striking creatures.

Fine and distinctive curves, a lovely grip – even for smaller hands – this Laguiole bird has more than one quality to seduce original Laguiole knives lovers.

A knife with a handle in ebony wood.

A unique knife, with a handle that can be made of ebony wood.

Let your eye slide along its gentle and delicately worked curves, meticulously shaped out of ebony. Made from a one-of-a-kind duo of thuja and ebony, you can choose the finishing touches of your Laguiole knife. You may also opt for an ebony / boxwood association if this undeniably unexpected contrast appeals to you.

Here’s a knife which cannot fail to delight lovers of atypical knives. Its uncommon shape, the precious quality of the woods you may choose for its handle - this knife has so much to offer !

Discover also the rosewood Laguiole Bird here.

What is ebony wood?

Ebony wood is renowned for being used in quality cabinet-making, inlay, musical instruments parts and decorative items. It has a beautiful dark look and naturally resists termites and ants.

Ebony is actually a group of over 10 different species. Macassar ebony, brown ebony, Bombay ebony, Gabon ebony are among the best known, but there are many others.

Advantages of ebony wood.

  • LookEbony is famous for its looks. Its properties make it stand out from other hard woods. There are many other hard woods which are as durable and high-density as ebony, but they do not possess ebony’s dark aspect.

  • Durability: Ebony is also known for its durability. It is very dense, so much so that the chance that insects may penetrate it are very slim.

  • High solidityEbony is a solid and very strong wood which can carry heavy loads.

  • Straight grain and textureAlmost all species of ebony possess a straight grain as well as a fine and uniform texture and a lovely natural polish. The final items made of ebony look attractive, and can be painted, polished or dyed.

  • Stain resistant- because it is non-porous, ebony resists food and water stains.

  • Elegant – it is warm soft and smooth to the touch.

Cleaning and caring for an ebony kife handle.

Daily care is a piece of cake, thanks to its very low porosity, ebony handles are resistant to stains, scratching and water. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. Just avoid putting it in the dishwasher if you’re feeling too lazy to wash it yourself ;-)

It stays pristine and sublime even after many years.

The acrylic-handle of the Laguiole Bird.

The acrylic-handle version of the Laguiole Bird.

The body of the knife is made out of a cunning alloy of wood and colourful acrylic. Wings are made thanks to an inlay of ebony or olive parts.

The various branches of the Laguiole bird family have in common a forged spring and a 12C27 steel blade.

We have on offer several knives with a bird-shaped outline, it’s up to you to choose which one will give wings to your inspiration !

Cleaning and caring for an acrylic-handled Laguiole Bird knife.

Cleaning and caring for an acrylic-handled Laguiole Bird knife.

Acrylic does not fear water nor temperature differences, which is how it can remain sublime for many years, however that is not the case for wooden parts – so avoid putting your knife in a dishwasher !

If you wish to preserve the beauty and shine of your acrylic Laguiole Bird knife, keep it stored in a case rather than in contact with other knives in your kitchen drawer. If you wish to always keep it within easy reach, you could always add a long magnet to your wall and stick the blade of your favourite knife onto it.

Laguiole Bird knives give you inspiration...

Laguiole Bird knives – beautiful creatures which give wings to your inspiration...

There are tons of knives, but only a few unique, unforgettable ones. Laguiole Birds are among them.

Made and shaped with passion, these knives bring joy, strike minds and are truly original gifts. Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, such a singular knife is a wonderful present for whoever receives it. You may choose to have it customized to make it even more unique, but it is, just like you, singular and unforgettable… It’s up to you now, to choose which one will accompany you for many years to come.