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Laguiole knives birds

As spring comes, migratory birds are also coming back. Maybe the swallows have not returned yet but the Laguiole bird knives have already arrived!

Laguiole birds are a French  species.  They hatch in Thiers , migrate around the world and love to nest in your pocket. We've found two families of Laguiole birds.


The family whose body is made of paperstone.

This is a very environmentally friendly race since paperstone is an ecological product  100% made ​​of recycled paper  following the  FSC standards of the Rain-forest Alliance SmartWood Program.

It is resistant to water, heat ( 180 ° ) and ultraviolet rays .

This innovative product is 100% alimentary (certificate 4G970 ) and it keeps the sharpness of the knives.

It's a very hard material but can be forged like wood with a soft hand feel

The handle is shaped and inlaid with boxwood or juniper which colors up  the wing. 

Laguiole Sphinx is a little different  because it has a brass inlay that makes this mythical bird seems coming from hell. 


The family whose body is made of AL2017A aluminum  

The handle is forged in a AL2017A aluminum block . This material is very resistant and light  since it is used in aeronautics. 

The wings are obtained by inserting a piece of ebony or rosewood.

Laguiole Sparrowhawk is the smallest and lightest of Laguiole birds.

It measures 10 cm and weighs only 55 grams. 

The handle is also made of AL2017A  aluminum but with a Plexiglas insert that shows up the hawk feathers.


These different families of Laguiole birds all have in common a forged spring and a 12C27 steel blade.

We offer several Laguiole knives with aluminium handle. Be careful not to scratch the handle!