Straight razors blades

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The blade is always made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen, provides a better edge but is easier to get rusty.

Depending on the type of work, the choice of blade width will be different:



straight razor 3/8: This is the perfect choice of razor for cutting and thinning hair. It is therefore ideal for hairdressers.


straight razor 4/8: It can be used for light beards.

straight razor 5/8 Classic beard: This is the classic razor, which will suit any type of beard. It is therefore an essential choice for barbers.


straight razor 6/8 Compact beards: This razor is designed for difficult beards. It has a wider blade.


straight razor 7/8: These razors are the preferred choice for thrill-seekers. The blade is extra wide. Take care not to nick yourself!


Rasoir droit 5/8 Spartacus bélier



The height of blade :


7/8 = 23 /26 mm

6/8 = 20 mm

5/8 = 17 / 18 mm

4/8 = 16 /18 mm

3/8 = 13 /15 mm

2/8 = 10/11 mm


The height of the blade of a straight razor is given in eighths of a thumb, millimeter conversion is given as an indication because the thumb had different values for ​​Thiers (28mm),and  Nogent (26.5 mm) ....


The nose

 Rasoir Droit Historique 6/8 Manche en Bois d'Amourette - Dos de lame à motif forgé Festons Longs, Nez Crochu

 The nose of the blade comes in different shapes, the most common being the round nose and the hooked nose.


The marking of the blade :


Marking at the heel of the blade can be done by punch which gives an impression of printing characters.