Cabbage cutter blades

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straight razor 3/8: This is the perfect choice of razor for cutting and thinning hair. It is therefore ideal for hairdressers.


straight razor 4/8: It can be used for light beards.

straight razor 5/8 Classic beard: This is the classic razor, which will suit any type of beard. It is therefore an essential choice for barbers.


straight razor 6/8 Compact beards: This razor is designed for difficult beards. It has a wider blade.


straight razor 7/8: These razors are the preferred choice for thrill-seekers. The blade is extra wide. Take care not to nick yourself!



Blades are defined by the shape or curvature of the back. And by whether or not they are notched or double-notched. The rake is the unevenness of the blade. It's what gives the blade its sharpness.

The grooved blade, inserted blade, interchangeable blade (screw, bayonet), damascus blade, ringing blade.


The nose of the blade can have several shapes, the most common being the round nose and the hooked nose.



Blades can be heel-marked using a punch on which the imprint is engraved in reverse, like a typeface. It is possible to make your own mark on the blade. There is no minimum quantity for this.