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Vendetta Olive wood handle

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Olive wood handle
Closed size : 12.5 cm
Stainless steel 12C27 blade
Blade length : 11 cm
Blade width : 1.8 cm
Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee

Olive wood reminds you of Corsican sun

Since the dawn of time, the Corsicans have made their own knives. They come in many shapes and sizes and all have one thing in common: they are made to last while giving loyal day-to-day service.

Corsica is an agricultural and sheep-rearing country and therefore everyone on the island carries a trusty knife in their pocket or bag, which they use both as a tool and an eating utensil.

"Vendetta" is an Italian word meaning "vengeance". The term may also refer to the notion of ‘private justice’ sought between two rivalling families (who often used knives to settle their differences.)
The Vendetta is not thought to have originally come from Corsica, but rather from southern Italy (Naples), or even Malta, judging by the oldest discovered traces. But let’s not dwell too much on history, lest we trigger a "vendetta"!