The Nontron 10.5 cm with turning ferrule
The Nontron 10.5 cm with turning ferrule
  • The Nontron 10.5 cm with turning ferrule
  • The Nontron 10.5 cm with turning ferrule

The Nontron 10.5 cm with turning ferrule

This is one of the oldest regional French knives. Originally there was a ball at the end of the handle, but this was replaced in the 19th C by a fishtail, and then by a clog.

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This knife and its components are guaranteed for 2 years.

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This knife comes with a certificate of origin attesting to its provenance.

About this item

  • Closed size : 10.5 cm 
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Blade length : 8,5 cm
  • Blade width : 1.5 cm
  • The boxwood handle is decorated with patterns in pyrography
  • The handle is in turned boxwood.
  • The inverted V decoration surrounded by 3 points is somewhat controversial.
  • Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee
  • This knife is still made in Nontron, by hand, with the same tools, the same hand movements as centuries ago.
  • The ferrule in brass was adapted in the 19th C to replace the closing system which used a nail.
  • Is it of Moorish inspiration or Masonic?
More about Nontron

The identity of the Nontron knife was built during the 19th Century. A document dated 1827 (Jomelières  foundry) mentions boxwood knives and the crafting of miniature knives fitting in a hazelnut shell (up to 72). Cutlers collect their boxwood in the forests surrounding Nontron, the Charente and the Causse of Quercy.

This folding knife has very specific characteristics:

•    a pyro-engraved arc shaped motif surrounded by three dots;

•    a blade in the shape of a lance;

•    a boxwood handle available in a variety of shapes: clog (asymmetrical), ball or carp's tail shaped, or with a double ferrule;

•    a brass locking ferrule.

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