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Model n° RCHYSS11101TIN

The Yssingeaux

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Closed length : 11 cm
Stainless steel 12C27 blade
One stainless steel bolster
Light tip horn handle
Delivered in brow gift box  with certificate of origin and guarantee

The Yssingeaux dates back to well before the arrival of the forced notch model (late 18th century). We must presume, therefore, that due to its long history, it must have served as the basis for the manufacture of all the bird’s beak knives that were to come.

Bird’s beak knives have been manufactured at St. Etienne since the 17th century and distributed in their thousands throughout the Massif Central, Aveyron and Auvergne, thus making them the ubiquitous must-have knives in the rural world!

The fly-blade and bird’s beak knife family included the Yssingeaux, Issoire, Brioude, Yssingeaux flat (without the fly) and the straight Laguiole model. The only feature common to all knives was the bird’s beak and the central pointed ‘bourbonnais’ blade.