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Model n° RARYAT12111

The Yatagan Basque Ebony / Rosettes

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Closed length : 12,5 cm
Flat ebony handle decorated with brass rosettes on both sides.
1 brushed stainless steel bolster
Forged spring
12C27 stainless steel blade
Delivered in black cardboard box with certificate of origin and guarantee
French artisanal making

The remarkable arrangement of rosettes on the ebony handle gives the knife its full value

Don't be mistaken, the Yatagan 's pro-eminent rosettes are not purely aesthetic.
The knife owes this unusual decoration to its original use in the tobacco fields. Indeed, at the time, workers had to cut off the damaged and dirty leaves at the base and pollard the stem of the plants. The problem was that once the stem cut, the sap formed a sticky paste on the knife handle, thus hampering the poor farmers in their work…
A well honed mind set about finding a solution and 20 rosettes later (10 on each side of the handle) no farmer would again be glued to his knife!
Did you know?
The name Yatagan is of Turkish origin. It is a sabre or cutlass with an oblique curved blade.

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  • M. Paul Lewis
  •  the 30/11/2019
  • 5/5
A stunning well balanced artisan piece of cutlery craftsmanship.