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Oyster knife

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Rotating ring to close/open the blade
Stainless steel 12C27 blade
Total length: 15 cm
Closed length: 9 cm
Blade length: 6 cm
Weight: 54 g
Delivered in a luxurious box beech wood box
With certificate of origin

Tired of damaging the tip of your kitchen knife to open oysters ? Have you had several close calls when ithas been your turn to deal with what the latest tide brought in? Now you can finally get the perfect oyster knife !
How to open an oyster ?

• Place the curved side against your hand, but cover your hand with a napkin first.
• Firmly hold the oyster between your thumb and your hand.
• Aim the pointy end of the oyster towards you.
• Place your oyster knife at approximately two thirds of the oyster length.
• Insert it delicately inside the oyster, without using too much force.
• Then, all you have to do is sever the muscle on the flat side, and there you go, your oyster is open.

Finally, remove the shell fragments caused by the knife and throw away the water inside.
The oyster will produce more water, a delicacy called oyster liquor. And now it’s time to enjoy your fresh oyster !