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Laguiole bird steak knives with olive and rosewood handle

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Laguiole steak knives
The ergonomic handle is shaped in the form of a bird’s wing.

Two-tone handle: olive and rosewood, 8 mm thick slabs

Total length : 23 cm
Handle thickness: 15 mm
Weight of a knife: 95 gr

Stainless steel blade: thickness : 2.5 mm

Laguiole blades have gone through a grinding process, which is a sign of distinction, giving a perfect regular cut.
Polishing is done before and after assembling for better facades.

Hand wash recommended

6 knives packed in an oak box (also made in France)

Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee.

This elegantly veined wood originates from India and Honduras. It has been the most widely-used wood variety in the history of cabinet-making. Researchers have found mentions of its use from the end of the 16th century til the 1970’s. The increasing scarcity of this variety almost caused it to disappear from the market, it was even classified in Appendix 1 of the CITES (Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species) at the Washington Convention on March 3rd 1973. Appendix 1 lists flora and fauna species threatened with extinction. Due to this protected status, it has been replaced by Brazilian rosewood tree – dalbergia spruceana – for the restoration of 17th and 18th-century furniture.

Its colour can vary considerably, from a dark purplish brown with black veins, to a light purple, to a dark brown, almost black. It is a dense and heavy wood which is naturally oily.

Dishwashers are proscribed. To clean your knives, wipe the blades and handles down with a wet cloth, then dry them off immediately to preserve the quality of the wood.