Horn and wood steak knives |

Model n° LCH13C06IN-6

Laguiole steak knives mimosa wood handle

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Steak knife total length : 23 cm
Amourette aka snalewood due to mottled effect
One of the most precious woods used in knifemaking
Stainless steel blade : 2.5 mm thickness
2 Solid stainless steel bolsters
Hand wash recommended

6 knives packed in an oak box
Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee

The gold-satin finish of the wood handle can be maintained by the occasional rub with oil-soaked rags.
The stainless steel bolsters need no upkeep.
If the cutlery is put in the dish washer, the wood will need rubbing with a cloth soaked in oil.

Amourette is native to Guyana.

Also known as "snake wood", this wood is very hard and has markings reminiscent of snakeskin. It has truly unique colouring composed of a reddish orange-brown with subtle darker brown patches.

This wood is so hard and dense that it does not float!

The French name ‘lettre mouchetée’ ‘in English ‘letterwood’) derives its name from one of the former uses of this wood: due to its density, it was used for making printer’s type, while the small black decorative patches explain the user of the term ‘moucheté’.

The advantage of this wood is that it is truly robust and will undergo little deformation with the passing years. However, don’t forget that wood is a living material and requires a minimum amount of care to keep it in its original splendour. You should therefore keep it in a dry place and of course, at all costs avoid putting it in the dishwasher.