Horn and wood steak knives |

Model n° LCH13C02-6

Laguiole steak knives black horn handle

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Laguiole steak knives
Plain black colored or with white or brown streaks (each handle varies slightly)
Total length : 23 cm
Stainless steel blade: thickness : 2.5 mm
2 solid brass bolsters and plates
Hand wash recommended
Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee

6 knives packed in an oak box

Laguiole blades have gone through a grinding process, which is a sign of distinction, giving a perfect regular cut.
Polishing is done before and after assembling for better facades.

Horn is a natural material which could swell or split if put in a dish-washer.
Tarnished brass bolsters can be buffed up using any copper cleaning product.

Natural horn is often from the antlers of different types of animal, such as the male deer, moose, etc... The material has been in use since ancient times.

The antlers are simply collected from nature. No harm comes to the animals, as they grow their antlers and naturally shed them every year. The colour differs according to the species, but they are generally pale brown, or plain blonde streaked with a darker beige (when they are referred to as ‘burnished’).

The horn that we use for the manufacture of our knives usually comes from the most solid part: the tip. Prior to use and depending upon the shape of the horn, it may be heat-treated.

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  • G. Mark
  •  the 05/05/2016
  • 5/5
Excellent quality. Very efficient ordering and delivery process. Presentation was delightful. My only concern is the value of the product as the knives were very expensive, but hopefully they will last a lifetime.