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Model n° LAROIS12111

Laguiole Bird knife ebony Wood handle

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Body made of AL207A with ebony wood inlay
Fully forged Spring and bee
Blade made of 12C27 stainless steel
Closed length : 12 cm
Delivered in a black cardboard gift box with certificate of origin and lifetime  warranty
Made in France

The ergonomic handle is shaped in the form of a bird’s wing.
Ebony wood’s inlay imitates the bird’s plumage.
It houses the sharpened blade of the Laguiole knife.

Ebony wood has been used for a very long time. Indeed, ebony pieces can be found in Ancient Egyptian tombs (1580 to 1085 BC).

In the late 16th century, wide wardrobes were made out of this wood variety for well-to-do families in Antwerp. The density and hardness of the wood are ideal to create refined moldings to compliment richly detailed pictural panes with very low relief sculptures. That is how scenes from classical or christian history can be found on furniture from this period.  

The upper-middle class had taken a liking for this sort of refined furniture which is why its manufacturing spread to Paris, where the craftsmen who made them were known as ‘ébènistes’ in French, a word whose meaning progressively grew and now encompasses all makers of furniture, regardless of the wood variety they use.

Nowadays, ebony is mainly used for smaller items such as crucifixes or parts for musical instruments, such as black keys on pianos, cello necks and of course : Laguiole knife handles !