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Laguiole design style rosewood

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12C27 steel blade (surgical stainless steel), 3mm thick, with a hardness of 56-57 HRC
It is ground (giving the blade its bevel), polished and honed.

Made from two 0.8 cm thick pieces of rosewood, carved by hand to obtain its characteristic curves.

2 stainless steel plates  are guillochéd and riveted between the spring and handle to  ensure supple closing of the knife and enduring solidity.
Forged steel plates. The Bee  is arc-welded, thus melting both metals into one. The guilloché work is then carved.

Closed length : 12 cm
Opened length: 23 cm

Made 100% in Thiers in France

Delivered in a black magnetic box with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

There are different varieties of rosewood: those used in perfume distillation (female rosewood), and those more commonly used for the manufacture of old furniture.

This wood was often used for making floral bouquets in marquetry, which earned it the alternative name of  "tulipwood" in England and America.

The French name for the wood "bois de rose" derives from its unusual colour and its very pleasant sweet, aromatic fragrance.

Rosewood is a very hard wood with a pinkish centre and is slightly perfumed. The heartwood is mauvish red, with streaks in varying degrees of blackish mauve.

It is one of the most expensive woods in the world and is used in cabinetmaking and perfumery.  It can be found, for example, in Madagascar. It has also been classified under the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora since 2013 in order to regulate trade in the wood.