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Laguiole design style ebony wood

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12C27 steel blade (surgical stainless steel), 3mm thick, with a hardness of 56-57 HRC

Made from two 0.8 cm thick pieces of ebony wood, carved by hand to obtain its characteristic curves.

2 stainless steel plates  are guillochéd and riveted between the spring and handle to  ensure supple closing of the knife and enduring solidity.
Forged steel plates. The Bee  is arc-welded, thus melting both metals into one. The guilloché work is then carved.

The sheets are screwed inside the handle and not riveted. The handle is therefore more shock-resistant.

Closed size: 12 cm
Opened size: 23 cm

Made 100% in Thiers in France
Delivered in a black magnetic box with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

Please note the subtle grain and unparalleled elegance of ebony. Some wood species can be very dark, but nothing can compare with the intense natural black that is characteristic of ebony.

Ebony is a precious wood that has been used since ancient times. It owes its value and preciousness to the fact that it is obtained from very small trees that are becoming increasingly rare.

Already highly prized back in Pharaonic Egypt, this wood is a material used in sculpture and the crafting of all kinds of small precious objects. Ebony is a precious wood that comes essentially from Mali, but is also found in Ghana and Togo.

In this uniquely-shaped Laguiole knife, the deep black of ebony teams perfectly with the solid brass mitre.