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Model n° LSCSOM3024

Wine opener Chateau Laguiole Andreas Larsson

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2 years warranty

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Closed length : 11.50 cm
Handle made of polished antlers of reindeer
Five spiral corkscrew coated Teflon and serrated blade
Andreas Larsson lever opener
Black leather pouch branded with his name
Delivered in gift box with life-time guarantee

After being voted the best sommelier in 2007, Andreas Larsson defined the characteristics of the sommelier bearing his name.
He has chosen a handle made of antlers of reindeer in memory of his native country Sweden.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Château Laguiole wine stewards, Andreas Larsson presents a top quality model that meets the expectations of wine lovers. The handle is made of deer antler, which reminds him of his native Sweden. The finish is aesthetically pleasing, affordable and durable. The Sommelier has an excellent grip. Easy to use, it can be used by both private individuals and restaurant owners to open a bottle of wine with ease.
As for the corkscrew, the instrument is equipped with 5 threaded spires with a Teflon coating. This finish increases its resistance to humidity, heat and extremely cold temperatures. As it is non-toxic, the use of the corkscrew has no impact on the quality of the wine.
The corkscrew is delivered with a black leather case that is branded with Andreas Larsson's name. With the nice integrated box, you can offer it as a gift for a gourmet friend.