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Model n° LSCSOM3002GC

Wine opener Château-Laguiole Grand Cru Light Horn Handle

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2 years warranty

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Closed length : 11.50 cm
Reinforced stainless steel bolsters
Light Horn handle
Five spiral corkscrew coated Teflon and serrated blade
Boot lever
Black leather pouch

A well-built, sturdy wine-opener.
In all Grand Cru models, the joint between the spiral and the handle is reinforced.
French artisanal making
Life-time guarantee

To impress a wine-loving friend, there is nothing like giving them this Château-Laguiole wine waiter. It can be a must-have at festive tables. This model will delight demanding gourmets, thanks to its ease of use.
It comes with a curved blade with micro-toothing that allows you to open a bottle in record time. The ergonomic handle provides a good grip and is very comfortable to use. This part is made of blond horn tip which tolerates humidity as well as heat. To ensure its maintenance, remember to oil it from time to time.
This Chateau-Laguiole wine waiter's waiter's glass is highly regarded for the quality of its two stainless steel bolsters. Thanks to their reinforced finish, they promise an astonishing robustness. The corkscrew is equipped with five Teflon-coated threaded spires. Equipped with a bottle opener lever, the tool allows you to open your lemonade or beer with a simple movement. With its high quality composition, the bottle opener is guaranteed for life. It makes your job much easier every time you enjoy your favourite nectar.