Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
  • Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
  • Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
  • Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
  • Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle
  • Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle

Liner Lock Thiers Ebony Handle

Liner Lock Thiers | TBELIN10111

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This knife and its components are guaranteed for 2 years.

We deliver all over the world. 

We will provide you with a return label within 30 days if this product does not suit you.

This knife can be re-sharpened by us at any time during its service life.

This knife comes with a certificate of origin attesting to its provenance.

About this item

  • Closed lenght : 11.5 cm 
  • Open lenght : 20 cm
  • Handle: 1st choice Ebony wood
  • Blade: swedish 12C27 stainless steel, mat polished. Hardness after cryogenic heat treatment. Liner-lock & blade 2.50 mm thick. Satisfying sound when opened & closed. 
  • The knife is delivered in black cardboard box with a numbered guarantee certificate. Handcrafted in Thiers-France
  • The bouchonnage polishing is done by hand. Each liner is one of a kind (file worked ) as in a traditional high end knife. 
  • Handcrafted in Thiers-France it is guaranteed by the Coute de Tie, the Guild which certifies authenticity of design.
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Its liner-lock opening and closing system is a mechanism frequently used in pocket knives.

The system is quite simple: one of the liner plates is cut and made to act as a spring. The sprung part of the liner plate slips into a space freed by opening the knife. Your blade is locked open. To unlock it, use your thumb to push sideways on the spring, freeing the blade for closing. You can therefore open and close your knife one-handed!

A little history lesson...

The Thiers knife is a trademark of the brotherhood of Thiers cutlers: "La Confrérie du Couté de Tié".

The confraternity was founded in and today still resides in Thiers. Its mission is to see to the respect of the crafting traditions and processes specific to Thiers cutlery making.

So, under the vigilant eye of experts, we also monitor and see to the proper commercialisation of "Le Thiers". There are precise rules, clearly defined by a guild-mastership, concerning how, where and with what ethics Thiers knives are made. Thus, each purchaser of a Thiers knife is guaranteed to be buying the real thing.

Systematically stamped on Thiers knife-blades, the hallmark guarantees the respect of those rules. It is proof the knife has met the validation of the guild's council, whose responsibility it is to ensure each Thiers knife meets the confraternity's standards.

Couteau Laguiole oiseau graffiti acrylique

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