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Model n° LCH12116FO

Laguiole knife antler handle

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Antler handle
Closed, 11 cm/open, 21cm.
Made from two 0.5cm thick pieces, carved by hand to obtain its characteristic curves.
12C27 steel blade (surgical stainless steel), 3mm thick at the heel, with a hardness of 56-57 HRC.
It is ground (giving the blade its bevel), polished and honed.
Forged steel plates. The Bee  is arc welded, thus melting both metals into one. The guilloché work is then carved.
2 brass plates  are guillochéd and rivetted between the spring and handle to  ensure supple closing of the knife and enduring solidity.
2 solid brass bolsters  (The bolsters are the two metallic parts at the extremities of the knife.) are fixed to the plates and orn knife while also protecting it.
Blade locking system: slip-joint.
Weight: 85 grams
Delivered in a black gift box with a lifetime warranty and a certificate of origin

Perfect for outdoorsy types and nature-lovers, this antler-handled Laguiole knife is sure to please !


With soft horn inside your palm, explore wild paths and underbrush. And if you need to pick a few wild berries or have a quick snack during a walk, you'll have your knife in your pocket, always ready to help!


Let us reassure animal lovers : deer antlers ''grow and fall'' every year, so no harm is done to the animals. The colour varies depending on the species (usually from brown to off-white) and can be very textured or very smooth. Horn is a natural material with irregular hues, so each knife is as unique as the horn it is made of : you are sure to have a unique knife with a one-of-a-kind handle.