Laguiole Gentleman olive wood
Laguiole Gentleman olive wood
  • Laguiole Gentleman olive wood
  • Laguiole Gentleman olive wood
  • Laguiole Gentleman olive wood
  • Laguiole Gentleman olive wood

Laguiole Gentleman olive wood

Stainless steel Laguiole range | LBEGEN11108

It has the best system to existing pump, made of one piece, seamless.

It is directed by Gilles Steinberg.

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We guarantee this knife and its components for life. 

We deliver all over the world.

We will provide you with a return label within 30 days if this item is not to your liking

This knife can be re-sharpened by us at any time during its service life.

This knife comes with a certificate of origin attesting to its provenance.

About this item

  • Closed length: 10.5 cm. Length open: 18 cm
  • Wooden handle of olive
  • Spring and bee forged stainless steel Z20C13, guilloche by hand
  • Blocking system pump, single piece, seamless
  • Stainless steel blade 12C27, length: 7.5 c                                                                                                                                                                 a thickness of 3.50 mm and a hardness of 54 Hrc
  • A fixed stop provides protection
  • Miter brushed stainless steel 2 cm wide
  • Comes with a leather sheath and certificate of origin
More about olive wood

It is loaded with symbolism (peace, fertility, purification, strength, victory, reward). Mediterranean tree par excellence, eternally reborn, it presents a very hard texture, tight grain, superb polish, and golden hues veined with brown. Cabinet-makers, wood-workers, sculptors, all love it. Smells don't impregnate this wood.

Interesting fact:

cats love olive wood!

Though some possible reasons have been found, the mystery is still whole... Here are two possibilities.

•    Could there be a particular appeal for the cat due to static electricity building between its skin and the ebonite in olive wood?

•    A cat's sense of smell is much more highly developed than ours... Olive wood does have a singular smell. Might it be as simple as that? Perhaps cats just like its smell!

Anyhow, no one can deny that cats simply love to claw away at olive wood.

Couteau Laguiole oiseau graffiti acrylique

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