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Model n° LTE12201INB

Laguiole knife with light horn handle

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Light horn handle, 8mm thick slabs
Closed length : 12 cm
Opened length: 21.5 cm
Hardness: 56 Hrc
Weight: approximately 90 g
12C27 Stainless steel blade
Stainless steel plates and bolsters
Forged bee
Spring: File work is done by hand (3 mm thick)
Bladestop: in order not to damage the edge of the blade
Delivered in a black gift box with a numbered lifetime warranty
French artisanal making.

Horn has been used since the beginning of time to make potions against impotence or for its mystical properties. All at once a symbol of strength, power or longevity, still today in many tribes chiefs are given horns when they rise to power. Horns were also used as containers to drink fortifying beverages.


Be that as it may, whether you approve of centuries-old traditions or simply appreciate unique objects, the clear horn Laguiole is perfect for you. Each knife is unique since the hues of horns are all different. You are sure to buy a one-of-a-kind knife!


Horn being a natural material, over time your handle might dry out and show fibers on the surface. In order to avoid this, you can oil the handle to nourish it, like you would a wooden-handle knife.

In order to keep it for a very long time : do not leave it plunged in water, do not expose it to extreme heat, use a wet cloth to clean the blade and of course, do not put it in the dishwasher.