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Laguiole Knife Thuya Burl Handle, bee inlayed mother of pearl

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Thuya burl handle from Morocco, 8 mm thick slabs
Bee inlayed with mother of pearl
Hardness : 54 Hrc
12C27 Stainless steel blade
2 Stainless steel bolsters
3 mm Spring in stainless steel, hardened and inside polished
The solid blade-stop and forged bee are hand chased with a file

Delivered with a leather sheath and certificate of origin

The solid blade-stop and forged bee are hand chased with a file.
These details create a unique Laguiole knife, making each knife one of a kind
Made by Gilles Steinberg

What is a burl or burr?

More precisely, it is a growth caused in the tree by anarchic growth of the grain of the wood. It is because they represent such a small part of the tree that they are considered so rare and precious. The burr is formed by a high concentration of sap due to a parasite (fungus), an injury or because part of the tree has been stripped of its bark. The burrs of certain woods are particularly beautiful and highly sought after.

Burrs have such tormented grain that the wood splits all over as it dries. Its use is therefore generally confined to the turning and confection of small objects such as cutlery. The phenomenon is entirely natural and cannot be reproduced by human intervention.

More about thuja...
Thuja is principally imported from Northern Africa. It is a rich brown wood. It is a very hard wood, so it is difficult to work, but it offers a beautiful finish in return for hard work and sweat. For a long time, Moroccan furniture makers have worked thuja root with its delicate veins and its natural leopard-skin motifs. They richly decorate it, inlaying lemon-tree wood (natural or blackened), ebony, mother-of-pearl, ivory or silver thread.