Stainless steel steak knives |

Model n° LGOA13C27-6

Set of 6 Advantage Laguiole steak knives stainless steel polished finish

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2 years warranty

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6-piece Laguiole knife set
laguiole knives forged stainless steel quality goldsmith’s soldering
Knife : total lenght 23 cm
Polished finish
2.5 mm thickness
Dishwasher proof
French artisanal making
Delivered  in a varnished oak box with guarantee  and certificate of origin

Quality guaranteed goldsmith’s soldering between handle and blade.
These knives were uniquely designed in one block, which makes them tough and beautiful.
The set can be completed with items from the Prestige , polished finish.
These items can be passed down from generation to generation and require no upkeep.

The rarest knives are surely at Laguiole Actiforge. Search the catalogue and you will come across this beautiful steak knife set, one of the brand's most exceptional dinner services. The set includes 6 knives, each 23 cm long.
The blade and handle are forged in one piece. This time, the brand has chosen stainless steel to design these two parts. The assembly is of high quality, however, as it is a goldsmith's unalterable welding, giving a totally sublime line and maximum solidity. The knives are finished with a glossy finish, making them extremely precious creations.
The special feature of this knife set is that it requires no maintenance. It will last for years without any difficulty. Moreover, after each use, do not hesitate to store them carefully in the varnished oak box. This is the only place where they are better protected. The certificate of origin and the guarantee appear on this box to testify the authenticity of the Laguiole steak knives.