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Model n° TH1885/8B-BOC

Buffalo razor 5/8 in Bocote Wood - Chiselled decoration triangle on the back of the blade

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Closed size : 16 cm
Blade in Carbonsong C135 carbon steel, Rockwell hardness 63-64
Completely hollowed blade
Two sides mirror polished
Back of the blade with hand-chiselled decoration of triangle
Traditional gold marking trade mark

Blade width: 5/8" = 18 mm
Blade spine thickness: 5 mm

Length used : 7.5 cm
Bocote wood handle : 14 cm
Shave ready
Delivered in leather sheath
Handcrafted by Thiers-Issard France.

This razor is made of a new type of steel,Carbonsong C135, providing a super-thin, beautifully polished razor with an incredibly hard Rockwell of 63-64