Pocket knife Le Thiers |

Model n° TCH11PXP

Thiers pocket knife plexiglas handle with feather jay bird

117,00 €

2 years warranty

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Closed length : 11 cm
Stainless steel 12C27 blade
Plexiglass Handle
Delivered in black gift box with warranty
Made in France

The bluejay is small and appears fragile, but don’t be fooled!

It is averse to birds of prey, such as buzzards or owls and will not hesitate for one minute to charge at them headlong and noisily to chase them away!

The bluejay is not a particularly good-natured bird. It has even been known to attack humans who stray too close to its nest!

Young jays, like magpies, are known to be partial to collecting shiny, colourful objects, such as coins or bottle caps.

Did you know?

Thiers is the name of a pocket knife design patented by the Couté de Tié Confrèrerie.

Its manufacture is governed by a guild modelled on the Confrèrerie of 1582, which oversaw the manufacture of cutlery in Thiers for nearly 3 centuries.

Inspectors from the guild are invited to check for compliance at each stage in the manufacture of the knife.