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Model n° TNE13T0115IN

Box-set of 6 stainless steel Thiers steak knives

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2 years warranty

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Forged stainless steel blade and handle
Full length: 23 cm
Stainless steel blade thickness 2.5 mm
Dish-washer friendly
French artisanal making
Delivered in a luxurious wood presentation box with certificate of origin

Not only does choosing this set of Thiers table knives show that you have good taste, it also reveals that you are also both practical and wise!

These shiny stainless steel table knives are beautiful and will definitely suit your party tables or society dinners, but there is more to them.

Designed with solid steel handles, these knives guarantee you lasting beauty and toughness. Unique, this original model has been patented and can therefore only be made in Thiers, according to a controlled quality code – let your innovating side and your eye for beauty speak when you choose this set.

These 6 table knives come in a elegant varnished oak box set, so you may store them securely or offer them to a loved one for their birthday or even give them as a wedding present to young lovebirds.