Thiers steak knives |

Model n° THI43VE

Box-set of 6 Thiers steak knives with acrylic handle

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2 years warranty

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Black and white color acrylic handle
Blade length: 100 mm
Knife length: 215 mm
Stainless steel blade goldsmith's finishing
blade: 2.5 mm thickness
Dishwasher proof
Delivered in wooden box with certificate of origin and guarantee
French artisanal making

Treat yourself to this superb set of paring knives to complete your masterchef’s collection.
Paring knives are a must-have, the most commonly used in the kitchen. They are easy to recognize, with their slightly wide pointed blades. It is ideal to chop up herbs, slice apples and all the other vegetables you like to use in your recipes.
This series of Thiers knives, both tough and beautiful, features black and white acrylic handles. We designed the handles to fit perfectly into your grip so that to setting up your meals and cooking your favourite ingredients would be both pleasant and easy.
Acrylic is a material which allows for intensive use without risking to damage or tarnish your knives. You may put your knives in the dishwasher without fearing to damage the handles. Professional cooks and home gourmet cooks will be delighted, now they can have tough Thiers knives, with perfectly sharp blades and easy to care for, on top of that!