Guy Vialis was a young budding chef. A perfectionnist like most of his peers, he one day had the idea of developping a corkscrew knife for his restaurant needs. And on that glorious day his cutlery-making career began.
We admire his work and that is why we are showcasing here our favourite examples by this artist who uses different materials for his knives.
His collection is both chic and plain, practical and tough. Nothing has been left to chance and we can feel in his work all of Guy Vialis’ love for his work and passion.
In cooking just as everywhere else, the devil is in the details and that is why these knives have a perfectly adjusted blade, delicately adorned with a leaf where the famous bee usually appears.
Choosing a Guy Vialis knife means upholding traditional cuisine, a passion for well-executed work and a fundamental love for cooking.

Here are our favourite models by this artist who carefully chooses the different materials for his knives.

Guy Vialis

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