On this page, discover a selection of Laguiole Liner-lock knives made according the knife-making tradition of Thiers. You have a choice of different materials for the handles: olive wood, rosewood, or ebony. An easy opening system for all those who appreciate practical knives.

These Laguiole Liner-lock knives combine a modern look with traditional know-how to delight fans of original knives.

Liner-Lock – definition.
Liner-lock knives have a unique mechanism. It is one of the cut out bars that serves as a spring. To unlock the blade, move the spring bar sideways using your thumb as you close the blade with your index finger.
To release a liner type lock, use your thumb to push the spring bar downwards so that it is no longer in contact with the butt of the blade. This allows you to use your index finger to push the blade just enough to keep the bar pushed down so you can remove your thumb from the blade path, then continue to safely close the knife.

These Laguiole folding knives equipped with a liner-lock system are safe or “secured” - they require an adult’s hand and some handling to open them.

The features and advantages of the Laguiole liner-lock knife.
Laguiole knives equipped with the Liner system are pleasant to hold because the handles have two proper sides but they are are also compact. You can close the blade with one hand without having to change your grasp, which is ideal when you need both hands to work. In our range, you will find liner locks with a perfect finish and a design as refined as for a Laguiole folding knife. This unique type of knife is perfect for beginners as well as all those who appreciate traditional knives.

If you use your Laguiole knife for difficult tasks, remember that liner locks are generally not as sturdy as other types of locking systems.

The advantages of a Laguiole knife with a liner-lock opening system.
• Open and close with one hand, either the left or right hand.
• Security to protect from accidental folding
• Smooth opening and closing because there is no spring operating the blade.
• Easier to clean than other locking mechanisms such as switchblades.
• Elegant finish.
• Supplied with a leather sheath equipped with a belt loop.
• Lifetime guarantee.

Laguiole liner lock

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