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Model n° THTI-STR-1B

Historic shaving-box for straight rasors with mini- strop, razor sharpening paste, shaving brush, shaving bowl, soap, alum block

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Beechwood case, varnished in mahogany tint..
Mirror mounted in cover.
Case has four compartments :
One for two straight razors (not included)
Compartment with mini razor-strop, 21 cm long
One side, dark, course-grained, 13 cm x 3.5 cm
One side, light, very fine grain, 13 cm x 3.5 cm
Compartment with :
One stainless steel shaving-bowl, 9 cm diameter
One cake of shaving-soap, unscented
Compartment with :
One alum block
One sharpening paste for leather strop
One shaving-brush, black-plastic handled, with hand-tied bristles
One display pad for razor.
Size of case :
Length : 24 cm
Width : 17.5 cm
Height : 7 cm

A luxurious case, fully equipped, except for your choice of straight razor.
This beechwood box, made in Thiers, France, is an improved replica of an historic box, manufactured for straight razor users during the early 1900’s.
These boxes represented the ultimate in luxury at that time and were used for shaving both at home and while travelling.
Truly the gentleman’s perfect shaving set