Our knives are made in the town of Thiers, in the Auvergne region. The cutlery tradition of Le Thiers is a guarantee of high-quality steel. Altough the knife manufacturing process has evolved with time, Laguiole knives remain handcrafted knives handcrafted knives. Our knives are adjusted by hand according to ancestral methods. They have a lifetime warranty


Keeping your blade’s edge perfectly sharp over the years is possible, provided your sharpen it. Looking after your blade, is a good thing, but only if you do it properly. Unless your sharpen your blade properly, you risk producing the opposite result and you could also irrevocably damage your knife.

In order to get the original edge of your Laguiole blade back, follow these tips from our Cutlery-Makers’ Club. Our professional craftsmen, from a long line of Thiers cutlery makers, give you simple and efficient advice to get a lastingly sharp blade.

Did you know ? An imperfectly sharp blade is very often the cause of accidents ! If you have to use force to cut things with your knife, it probably needs sharpening.

The maintenance of the edge of your knife requires a material adapted to the type of steel.
Carbon steel and 12C27 stainless steel reguire a natural stone.
440 stainless steel requires a special carbide head sharpener.

Give your knife a new lease of life : have it sharpened.

•    Has the edge of your knife gone blunt over the years ?
•    Has your Laguiole’s blade become dull and are you now having to use force to cut things ?
•    Has your knife lost its cutting power and are you at a loss for what to do to make it sharp as new ?

Use our Actiforge sharpening service.

Actiforge sharpening service terms of use.

This service is designed for the owners of Laguiole folding knives, and the owners of folding or straight knives who wish to have their blades sharpened by a professional cutlery-maker.

Knives which cannot benefit from our sharpening service :
•    serrated knives
•    knives with blades over 10 cm long
•    knives with rusty / damaged / broken blades  

If you are unsure of whether or not your knife conforms to our terms of use, please contact our customer service.

Maintenance of the knife edge

Slide the knife-blade over the sharpener several times, being careful to keep an angle of 20° between the knife and the natural stone
Remember to go right to the point of the knife.

If the results are still not satisfactory, it could be that the blade is too worn.
In this case the knife edge needs reworking with a sharpening stone attached to a grinding wheel.
This is a delicate operation which can upset the fine line of the knife edge within seconds.
It is highly recommended to leave this job to a professional.