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Shepherd’s Cross

Many tales are told about the history of the legendary Laguiole knife. Some tells us why some handles were made out of olive-tree, others explain more or less creatively why certain names were chosen, others still talk about the origins of the soldered bee (or fly)...

Within the Laguiole Club, we like to debate and talk about history and traditions, but when it comes to cutlery-making folklore, we like to get down to the truth of things.

If Scheherazade had her 1,001 night tales, Club Laguiole has 1,001 blade tales. Each of the articles written by our expert club tells part of the story of the famous bee-adorned knife.

Smithies also have their secrets and only a few passionate people raised in the Thiers cutlery-making tradition hold the keys to them...

In this article of the Laguiole Club, learn about the origins of the famous Sheperd’s Cross found on some knives. Token of faith, or mere decorative element ? Shed light on this legend !

It is a traditional decoration on the handle.
According to the legend, at the end of each day, before eating, the Shepherd would place his knife into the bread,exposing the cross, and pray.

A further study of old Laguiole showed  that each knife maker had his own personal design to embellish his knife,from heart and diamond shapes to circles, although the most popular decoration is the cross.Shepherd cross decoration