The Laguiole St Patrick

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March 17 is St. Patrick's Day !

The Shamrock Laguiole knife is honored to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.
A clover is engraved on the fly, instead of the traditional bee ornament.
But why is a clover  the symbol of Ireland?
laguiole trèfle

Saint Patrick converted Ireland to Christianity in the fifth century. This wasn't accomplished without difficulties since the Druid beliefs were very strong.To carry out its mission of conversion, he met many influential people in ireland, including king Aengus. St Patrick then tried to explain to the king the concept of trinity by using a clover. According to him, each leaf represents an entity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As a whole clover, it represents God, which helps to explain that God is present in 3 people. After several years of evangelization, St Patrick died on March 17, 461 AD. from then on, the clover was rapidly associated to St Patrick and then to the whole country of Ireland.

The clover is the symbol of Ireland, of its culture and of its folklore. But the symbolism of clover extends even further. anyone who finds a 4-leaf clover will be lucky. The clover Laguiole knife made by the cutler Actiforge is gifted with 2 symbols : The famous shepherd's cross on the handle and the four-leaf clover on the fly.
It truly is St Patrick's Day's knife, for those who love Ireland!

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