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Discover in this Laguiole cutlery-makers’ Club article the story of the famous Thiers cutlery-maker Issard, famous for the quality of his straight razors. Thanks to this background information, discover the history of this brand which earned its fame thanks to high quality blades made in France and acclaimed by the best-shaved men all over the world !

A Thiers Issard Company straight razor is a gift for life. Its edge is perfect, its finish impeccable, and its sublime design almost makes it a work of art.

With this kind of razor, you will forget mass-produced disposable plastic razors. With these quality shaving products, shaving will become a treat : no more rashes caused by blunt blades which pull on your hairs !

Based in the French cutlery capital, Thiers Issard company has played an important role in the history of straight razor. It is the latest French company still producing straight razors.

Founded in 1884 by the blacksmith Pierre Thiers, the company manufactures in the early days of straight razors. Thiers-Issard name is the combination of family names Pierre Thiers and his wife's (Issard): Pierre Thiers distinguishes himself from the rest belonging to other family members, long line of manufacturers razors.
Production will diversify in the early 20th century with the development of lines of kitchen knives butcher ... In 1929 Pierre Thiers dies.

Pierre Thiers son, formed by Pierre Thiers himself took over the company.  Louis Thiers then replaces the head of the company.

In 1985, the company was sold by the Thiers family to Gilles Reynewaeter but production remains the same: made with the finest materials and with the expertise of the best workers.


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