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Having your knife always at hand is a good thing, having a folding knife makes it much easier to keep it with you ! For many years, Laguiole’s folding knife has become a must-have as far as pocket knives go.

If the size of a knife can vary from one model to another, locking systems are completely different.

Front lock, back lock – liner lock or ringlock, there are many ways to fold a knife. In this Laguiole Club article, learn about the subtle differences between each of the Laguiole knives’ locking systems, spot the pros and cons of each and choose accordingly.

It’s your turn to become an expert user of Laguiole knives, knowing the characteristics of different systems and which use each of them best fits. Much more than just a general knowledge article, this is a must-read to make the perfect choice when buying your next Laguiole.

The knifemakers work hard to improve the existing closing systems. They also create new original mechanisms which they patent fervently.

The closing systems can be classed in 6 different categories:

  • Flat spring

flat spring system

This is the traditional closure system for Laguiole folding knives. Here are a few examples of knives with flat spring blade closure, also known as ‘forced notch’.

  • Lock security back

Lock security back system

  • Lock security front

Lock security front system

Discover our range of knives with pump closure or also know lock security pressure. There is no need to force the blade to close, all you need do is lightly squeeze it shut with the left hand, while guiding the blade with the right (if you are right-handed).

  • Blocking plate

blocking plate system

You will also find a selection of knife models with locking plate closure, also known as ‘liner-lock’.

  • Palm

  • Rotating ring

rotating ring system

On these moving parts there are different joint systems between the spring and the blade

HeelHigh heels
 SerratedSquare heel
Blocking plate
 Heel system High heels system Serrated system Square heel system Blocking plate system