Bolsters and other metal parts

Our knives are made in the town of Thiers, in the Auvergne region. The cutlery tradition of Le Thiers is a guarantee of high-quality steel. Altough the knife manufacturing process has evolved with time, Laguiole knives remain handcrafted knives handcrafted knives. Our knives are adjusted by hand according to ancestral methods. They have a lifetime warranty

Moving parts, bolsters and other metallic parts

 Looking after the moving parts and other metallic parts of your knife.

•    Bolstersplatesspringblade:
-  Steel parts: they retrieve all their shine when you polish them with a cotton cloth and some polishing paste.
-  Brass and nickel silver parts: they recover their lustre when polished with a fine cloth and some brass polish.

•    Moving parts

moving parts

Pocket dust isn't good for any knife.
Periodically, you will need to clean the dirt from your knife's joint-system using some solvent and compressed air.

Then, put a drop of oil in the joint-system for smooth closing.